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  Detroit born Mary Demroske moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at age 34.

  She studied art at Lake Superior State University And continues to teach herself and take an occasional workshop from noted Artists when convenient. She spends the long Michigan winters at the easel and her summers are spent doing juried shows almost every weekend.

  Mary is a veteran of over four hundred juried, combined and one person shows. She has taken many awards for her paintings of Great Lakes Freighters, tugs and Lighthouses.

  "I'm not a history expert but I have learned a great deal about the Great Lakes shipping.  It's a fascinating subject and I enjoy painting the calm scenes as well as using my imagination to create a believable shipwreck and sinking."  Mary is an invited professional member of the International Society of Marine Painters.

  "Oil is my favorite medium, but I have worked extensively in pen and ink and also enjoy switching to water color from time to time."

  Mary feels that she has been blessed in meeting and knowing some of the best people in the world, not just her customers but also from the Great Lakes Shipping business. Owners, Captains, Mates or Crewmen, Retired or still active. USCG personnel retired or still active. The list is endless. " I have been fortunate to be invited aboard a Great Lakes Freighter for a couple of trips, these have been the highlights of my career. Being on board gives you a whole new perspective and hopefully gives more feeling to the paintings that I produce."

  Mary presently lives in Brimley, Michigan with her husband.

Mary Coesens Demroske

Mushroom Cap Studio

7492 W. 6 Mile Road

Brimley, MI 49715



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